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Why this site ?

Initially, its purpose was to present the result of our work on the pinballs Gottlieb SYSTEM 80 & 80A and to share our knowledge on this subject. Its content then expanded, when we extended our competencies to the SYSTEM 80B, then to the SYSTEM 3 and finally to the Williams/Bally WPC.

Who are we ?

Passionate of pinball machines, electronics and Informatics, it is in our leisure we apply our knowledge in these areas. We are not exploiting, neither trader.
We reserve the right to market or not, the fruit of our work.

About Gottlieb ®

The brands Gottlieb ®, d. Gottlieb & Co. ®, Premier ® and their respective logos are the property of Gottlieb Development LLC.
We do not distribute neither sell, any product under these brands.
The facilities on this site are unpublished and of our own design. This material is our property and is not, by its nature, in competition with other products provided under these brands.


Disclamer & copyright

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Unless otherwise mentioned, the information published in these pages are unedited and dissemination (especially on forums) is allowed subject to name the source.
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The resale of the proposed equipment or the use of the published information here for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

In a fairness concerns, Flipprojets has no direct link to commercial sites. If you are looking for such links (sale of spare parts, sale and repair of pinball machines, etc...), we invite you to visit the sites of our partners (forums, ads).

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