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Frequent questions about our articles

Reproduction of backglass on glass

The purpose of this article is only to show the existing equipment and its opportunities.

We do not sell and do not print backglass on glass, please do not place an order, nor contact us about that.

We have just access very occasionally to this type of printer, sold to professionals printing. The reproduction of backglass on glass, to the unit or in small series, is therefore not technically impossible.

For the individual, it is sufficient just to find a printer who will have this equipment and of course, to provide a sufficient quality and defect-free file.

Papercraft models

The proposed models are original and our creation. However, the concept is not of we and others had already had this idea before. We are inspired from their work and other existing models.

Private use is free of rights, the dissemination and reproduction authorized (subject to quote the source). Any commercial use of these models is strictly prohibited.

Bench test fixture and TEST-INIT modul on TC1

These tools have been developed for our own use to easily troubleshoot the SYSTEM 80/80A/80B boards. Our bench test includes several boards with a PIC micro-controllers, carried out gradually. There is no overall plan and we do not difuse the content of the PIC, nor the TEST-INIT PROM.

TGOL language and conversion 80/80A

We have no original technical document, all the knowledge acquired in this domain have been done by analysis and study of the PROM in these systems. Approximately three months were needed to understand the functioning of the system and achieve the translation of the game prom of the Black Hole in system 80A.

For our own use, we have established our own documentation and built specific tools ("disassembler" and Macro-assembler TGOL). So far about 99% of the TGOL functions are fully decoded and well understood. The rest will be decoded later but is not essential.

The migration of the Black Hole were conducted initially in only consideration that 10% of the language TGOL. Progress since, we have create a new game PROMs for Haunted House and Mars.

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