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The MARS pinball (model #666) that we own has been improved and has now new functions. The main modification, is the replacement of U2 and U3 PROM by a new single EEPROM, integrating the FASTBOOT and the FREEPLAY. The audio PROM has also been replaced by a single EEPROM containing the English and French voices, selectable by a switch.

Replacement of the game PROM

A new game PROM (666-2) has been developed to fix a major bug of the original version (666-1).

Startup bug

At the beginning of the game, if three balls are not present in the charger, nothing happens and the Pinball seems stuck. But, this behavior is not normal because the flipper should report the missing balls.

A sequence was well planned for it and all of the playfield lamps should Flash until all the balls are not returned to the charger. Due to a bug, this sequence is not executed and the flipper can in some cases, even have a random behavior at startup.

This bug has been corrected in the new version 666-2.

The binary file of the 666-2 PROM is available in the download section.

Advanced version SYSTEM 80A

Late June 2014, we have developed a new game PROM, compatible for SYSTEM 80A.

This new version allows to enjoy the typical features of this system:

  • 7-digit display
  • Quick Start (FASTBOOT)
  • Improved test procedure

We have of course added, our 'classical' improvements:

  • Integration into a single EPROM
  • FREEPLAY mode
  • Classic attract-mode like SYSTEM 80 (chaser)


Following the modifications made, the DIP configuration of the CPU board must be modified. New adapted documentation has therefore been drafted.

Documentation for the DIP switches configuration:


This achievement is available in our shop.



This version SYSTEM 80A of MARS GOD OF WAR only works with our unique PROM adapter.
Consult the distribution conditions for this assembly.

Last update of this page: February 24th, 2023

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