The FREEPLAY function


Private game mode

It is the ability to play continuously, without having to feed the flipper with credits.

An historical gap

Initially, it is not expected on the SYSTEM 80, 80A and 80B, to use the pinball without coin, which is a constraint in the case of private use (need to have coins or tinker the moneyer). The FREEPLAY corrects this implementing a simple, elegant, and reversible solution, so a modified pinball can always be reverted to original state.

How does it work ?

For switch to FREEPLAY mode, you should position the full set of the DIP switches for coin's configuration to the OFF position (1-4, 5-8, 9-12 on SYSTEM 80 or 1-5, 9-13, 17-21 on SYSTEM 80A and 80B). This corresponds to a configuration that is usually never used (and that is easy to remember).

Since then, the credits will be automatically recharged when they fall to zero.
It is the only thing that changes, as for the rest, it will use the flipper as there is usually.

To disable the FREEPLAY, simply set back the DIP switches to their original position.

Installation for SYSTEM 80 and 80A

Eproms The FREEPLAY is a modification of the SYSTEM 80 and 80A, which comes in the form of a set of replacement PROM for U2/U3. For SYSTEM 80, we consistently add the FASTBOOT function in these PROM. In practice, we use a single PROM, easier to install.

To receive this set of PROM, the CPU board should be socketed for circuits U2 and U3 (80A board or modified 80 board).

Installation for SYSTEM 80B

EEproms The FREEPLAY is available as a replacement PROM for PROM1 (the 8 KB chip mounted on the Piggyback). We recommend the use of a 2864 EEPROM instead of EPROM 2764, easier to program and use less energy.

No modification of the CPU board is needed, since we can use the original Piggyback.

Download archives for SYSTEM 80B.

Pinball machines concerned

The FREEPLAY can be installed on all the models SYSTEM 80 and 80A, without exception.
For SYSTEM 80B, it is also available for almost all models (except few exceptions). A specific variant has also been developed for the pinballs:

  • 717X - Bad Girls (French release)
  • 717Y - Bad Girls (German release)
  • 718 - Hot Shots

For these models, the FREEPLAY is activated by setting the maximum number of credits to 20 (DIP 15 and 16 set to ON). The normal operations remains for the other configurations (8, 10, and 15 credits max).

Used in our pinballs:
Black Hole Haunted House Mars Caveman Panthera


This achievement is available for free.


Attention :

The FREEPLAY version for SYSTEM 80 and SYSTEM 80A only works with our unique PROM adapter.
Consult the distribution conditions for this assembly.

Last update of this page: February 15th, 2021

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