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#691B & #691C

News game's PROM
Fix of bug DIP-31
and improvments

Versions of the game PROM

There are two versions of The Game ROM, the second being very rare with most games using the first version.

  • #691 - Initial version
  • #691A - Modified version to limit the maximum of credits to 20 (instead of 25)


The second version has only one minor modification and was introduced only late. What explains its rarity is that on the one hand, the pinball machines equipped with this version were only the last products and that on the other hand, many CPU boards were salvaged to be reused in Martina's "Mythology" conversion kit.

There are therefore few "The Games" left equipped with the latest #691A version. To find out which version is installed in the pinball machine, just look at the maximum number of credits when DIP switches 15 and 16 are ON.

The DIP-31 bug

In order to reproduce the atmosphere of a stadium, the sound board generates a white noise (quite unpleasant) supposed to imitate the crowd. The documentation indicates that it is possible to deactivate this sound using DIP-31, by setting it to OFF.

#691 & #691A

Unfortunately, Gottlieb simply forgot to implement this feature, both on build #691 and #691A.

PROM #691B

We fixed the DIP-31 bug and created a new version #691B, functionally identical to version #691A. This binary file is available for free download.


PROM #691C

The Spinner gives way too many points and the original rule obviously has an error. It is very likely that it should rather be the following:


This rule has been changed in the new game ROM #691C.



This achievement is available for free.


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Last update of this page: May 25th, 2023

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