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The CAVEMAN pinball (model #PV810) that we own has been improved and has now new functions. The main modification, is the replacement of U2 and U3 PROM by a new single EEPROM, integrating the FREEPLAY.

The video card and the joystick that were down, made the object of a troubleshooting (read the article).

The damaged backglass was replaced by a reproduction printed on glass (read the article).


CAVEMAN Evolution

This project has gave birth to a new game PROM. In this one, the game's rules has been improved and the video game is now setable in French, English or German (read the article).

We also installed two additional driven lights in the pediment of display, to indicate the number of remaining Caveman. These lamps are placed behind a custom backglass, which includes two small stylized heads.

The CAVEMAN EVOLUTION is available for free.



This achievement is available on demand, contact us for more informations.

Sur demande


The full version of CAVEMAN (including FREEPLAY and BALL SAVED) only works with our unique PROM adapter.
Consult the distribution conditions for this assembly.

Last update of this page: February 15th, 2021

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