Country codes for Williams / Bally

Country codes

Country codification

For Williams/Bally
WPC-89, WPC-S and WPC-95.


Prior to 1990, Williams and Bally used a simple three-digit code to designate pinball models.

To differentiate the exported models from the US ones, an "I" (International) was added before the six-digit serial number that followed (the "proto / sample" models received an "X").

Example on a "Diner" (model 571):
Country codes Country codes

From 1990 they started to use a five-digit coding by inserting two zeros after the first digit. This "00" was not really useful, except to differentiate the new models and the principle of the serial number remained unchanged.

Example on a "Fun House" (model 50003):
Country codes

It was not until 1993 that this number was finally used, with the appearance of a bar code as well. The two-digit code corresponds to the configuration of the machine when it left the factory, which depends on on the one hand, the power supply used, and on the other hand, the coin mechanisms installed. These elements are specific to the country where the machine was sold.

Example on a "White Water" (model 5xx18):
Country codes Country codes

Code table

Made up of the collection and analysis of the numbers encountered, this table does not claim to be exhaustive. For some countries, there may be several codes, the configuration of the coin mechanisms sometimes varying slightly or even having changed over time.

Code Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Mentions Country
01 12060 2SLOT DBV RDY USA
02 23050 3SLOT GERMANY
03 23050 3SLOT AUSTRIA
04 23050 ECA FRANCE
06 23050 2SLOT ?
07 23050 NRI BELGIUM
09 23050 3SLOT DENMARK
10 23050 ECA ENGLAND
11 23050 FINLAND
13 23050 DBV HOLLAND
14 23050 2SLOT DBV ITALY
15 10050/60 2SLOT JAPAN
18 23050 2SLOT (NORWAY ?)
20 23050 2SLOT SPAIN
23 23050 DBV/STK ?
25 23050 2SLOT ?
27 12060 DBV USA
28 23050 NRI ?
29 12060 W/DBV ?
31 12060 STKR ?
33 12060 DBV/STKR USA
34 12060 1Coin
36 12060 USA
72 23050 SWITZ
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