Dynamic Skulls Lights

Intelligent illumination of
skulls according to the missions.

Scared Stiff, WPC-95


DSL is a Scared Stiff specific mod that receives its information directly from the DMC controller.

The eyes of the skulls are equipped with independent multicolored LEDs, which now indicate the progress of missions. The two side candelabras also have a special lighting effect.

Dynamic Skulls Lights

The DSL uses a dedicated microcontroller programmed especially for this mod. It is connected to the DPS by a three-wire cable.

On the Scared Stiff prototypes, the skulls were equipped with red LEDs and were connected by 2 9-pin connectors to the harness under the board. On the production versions the LEDs have disappeared for cost reasons, but the connectors have remained, allowing this functionality to be added quite easily. But the visual effect remained the same: In attract mode, or during the game it looks like a garland in a Christmas tree. We only wanted to keep the visualization aspect of completed missions, something else was needed, the concept of DSL was born!


According to the progress of the current player, the eyes light up with the colors corresponding to the missions carried out:

  • The monsters Lab
  • Eyes of the bony beast
  • Terror from the crate
  • Return of the dead heads
  • Night of the leapers
  • The stiff in the coffin

The location and associated color are fully configurable and consistent with those used on the set.

Dynamic Skulls Lights

When all the missions have been completed, the skulls light up in pink during the "STIFF'O METER" and next in blue.

Dynamic Skulls Lights Dynamic Skulls Lights

This is only a small overview of the possibilities of this mod which has many other light effects (flash, etc ...).


There are on this decoration, two candles figured on either side of the skulls. The location of the flames is certainly well defined, but remains unused on the original pinball machine.

Dynamic Skulls Lights Dynamic Skulls Lights

We have corrected this lack and both candles can now light up.

Dynamic Skulls Lights

A simple LED or lamp lighting would not have been visually satisfying and would have remained far too static. So we added a more lively animation for these candles: their flame appears to flicker, its intensity and size seem to vary, as does its color.

Flickering light effect for candles:

The flames use two caches made in 3D printing. We modeled their shape so that they fit exactly into the existing cutouts and we integrated the location WS2812 LEDs.

Dynamic Skulls Lights Dynamic Skulls Lights

Last update of this page: March 1st, 2021

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