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New game's PROM
Version with millions option and freeplay


Versions of the game PROM

There are three versions of the Monte-Carlo game ROM as well as two export versions.

  • 708 - Initial version
  • 708/1 - Version correcting a bug, at the end of the game
  • 708/2 - Version correcting a minor bug in 708/1, at the end of the game
  • 708X - Export version in French, derived from the 708/1
  • 708Y - Export version in German, derived from the 708/1

Structurally, the patches /1 and /2 are located at the beginning in the PROM2, but in practice the PROM1 (A1) will also be impacted because of the addressing references as well as the checksums. These fixes are located in the "end of game" section and fix probably bugs in the final operations (counting bonuses, or resetting counters, multipliers).

Code differences of the versions 708, 708/1 et 708/2:
708 code

The "millions" option

10 millions On the original game, if you go through the ramp while it flashes, it earns 10,000,000 points. Many players complain about this behavior, because it is too much and it literally "kills" the game.

We have corrected this rule and implemented the "millions" option, which is configured with the DIP-8:

  • ON: Turn on the ramp every 40 contacts and give 1,000,000 when passing.
  • OFF: Turn on the ramp randomly and more rarely, but pay double (2,000,000) when passing.

Download and installation

Get the game PROM (8 KB and 2 KB) files and program them in two 2764 + 2716 EPROM (or EEPROM 2864 + 2816). Then install the memories in place of the old PROM1 (A1) and PROM2.

Millions option + Freeplay

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Millions option + Freeplay

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Millions option + Freeplay

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo


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